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Guest House WiFi Solution

Guest House Wi-Fi is a way for a property owner or general manager to enhance the offerings at your hotel and for your guests. Connectivity is increasingly important in a word with so many WiFi enabled devices. From virtual assistants to WiFi connected TVs, if your rooms offer a multitude of devices with connectivity needs, WiFi is an essential. Having WiFi at your hotel is a simple but effective way to give your guests the convenience of connectivity while adding value to property.


Key Features
  • Guest Portal
  • WiFi Management
  • High Performance
  • Full Coverage Around
  • Per User GB Vouchers
  • User Role Management System
  • Centralized System
  • Cloud Controller
  • 100% Up Time








October 23, 2015


Business, Wirelees Solutions


Jupiter Sunrise lodge


To provide the WiFi Solution for Jupiter Sunrise lodge